There comes a point in life when we contemplate choosing between a newly built house or a resale one. Faced with this dilemma, we question whether to search for a development that suits what we are looking for or to embark on the adventure of building your own home.

Designing and building your house on the Spanish Mediterranean coast is more than constructing a residence; it’s an opportunity to craft a lifestyle that embraces the natural beauty, cultural richness, and the relaxed atmosphere that defines coastal living in this enchanting region.

“It is one of the best decisions I could make in my life. I could choose my plot, my designs, and finishes.”

When it comes to addressing this issue, in the case of single-family homes, the answer is clear. Taking on the role of your own developer is the ideal way to have a newly built home tailored to your family’s needs while optimizing both time and investment.

It is self evident that a resale home is ready to move into, but is it the house of your dreams? Does it completely suit your tastes, match your needs and visions?

Building your own home, always in collaboration with professionals of proven technical ability and trust,  like Sun Sea Life’s developer and builder partner, is the best path to living in the house of your dreams. Let’s review the main advantages of choosing this path to your own future dream home:

Design and customization:

A home tailored to your needs and lifestyle, made for you and your family.

From the location and land where you build, through the layout and materials, defining the type of exteriors, porch, garden, pool. Each of us knows what we need and with the right professional guidance, we can find the perfect balance. We also consider not only current needs but also future ones.

Optimization of investment:

Various economic studies show that building a new house, costs on average between 15 and 20% less than the price of an existing house with the same characteristics in the real estate market.

Budget control:

We always have that magic number in mind that we must not deviate from. Therefore, it must be remembered that the cost of a house includes the construction price and there are a series of expenses associated with the entire construction process that you must address. Establish the budget and seek the advice and management of Sun Sea Life specialists, who offer the “Turn Key” service (raedy to occupy ptoperty).


Present and future: The time factor is another aspect to consider as an advantage of building your own home. In the case of opting to buy an already-built house, you may not achieve the goal of living in the house of your dreams and it may affect the concept of future investment. An already-built house often involves short-term renovations, while when you choose to build your own home, you know that the entire construction process ranges between 8 and 12 months, depending on the design, land, location.

The time to acquire a building licence from local authorities can vary from region to region and different local administrations but usually takes between 3 and 6 months.


The benefit of the SUN SEA LIFE ‘Turn Key’ concept is that you know the price, the design and the project completion time before building your brand-new future home. In addition, it has become one of the ways of saving when buying your first home, as everything is done without intermediaries.

But what other advantages are there?


One of the main benefits of buying a SUN SEA LIFE ‘Turn Key’ home is that you get to choose the style of the house. This means that you have your say and choose the design, materials and qualities of every corner of your home at all times.

In addition, thanks to this service, you will finalise the price of the house and the delivery date will be determined.

SUN SEA LIFE ‘Turn Key’ homes have become an attractive option for those who are looking to simplify the purchase process and enjoy a brand-new home, ready to move into without having to worry about the construction details. A quick and hassle-free solution to having the home you’ve always dreamed of.


With a SUN SEA LIFE ‘Turn Key’ home, there is no need to worry about co-ordinating contractors and suppliers, which can be a very stressful process. One of the main features is that everything is included in a single package.

At SUN SEA LIFE, in close and constant collaboration with our developer and builder partner, we have this process designed clear, transparent and much simpler. For this reason, we manage all types of licenses, fees, documentation and paperwork necessary to get your home up and running.

Precisely, these include:

  • Urban feasibility study.
  • Topographical survey.
  • Georeferencing and cadastre management.
  • Geotechnical study.
  • Basic Project.
  • Implementation Project.
  • Health and safety study.
  • Health and safety plan.
  • Waste management plan.
  • Construction management. Material execution management.
  • Health and safety coordination.
  • Quality control.
  • Energy certification.
  • Application and payment of building permit fees.
  • Tax on constructions, installations and works (ICIO).
  • Representations to the Administration.
  • Application and payment of the first occupancy licence fee (LPO).
  • Management and procedures with supply companies.

With a SUN SEA LIFE ‘Turn Key’ house there are no surprises or hidden costs. You will have savings by not having to hire separate architect and contractors.

Our ‘Turn Key’ service means that you supervise the design you want, select materials, qualities and any elements you want to be taken into account in the construction, agree the price and we set a delivery date.

From that moment, and until you receive the keys, you don’t have to do anything else.


SUN SEA LIFE ‘Turn Key’ homes often include modern facilities such as security systems and smart home technologies. In addition, they are often built with energy-efficient materials and technologies, which can help save money in the long run.

All new houses arranged to be built by SUN SEA LIFE and our associated building company are designed in a contemporary style, at the cutting edge of modern architecture. In addition, they cover a wide range of high criteria and requirements thinking of the future.

With top quality materials, they are built on site. This means that no prefabricated or modular elements are used.


Enjoy a home ready to move into without having to worry about construction details.

Our SUN SEA LIFE ‘Turn Key’ concept includes:

  • Foundation and structure
  • Housing envelope: façade (energy efficiency, thermal envelopes), exterior carpentry, blinds, trims
  • Roofs
  • Terraces and balconies
  • Interiors: interior partitions, welding, bathroom and kitchen tiling, interior doors, access doors to the dwelling, wardrobes and dressing rooms, false ceilings
  • Installations: plumbing, sanitation, ventilation, pre-installation of air conditioning and climate control, installation of DHW with aerothermal, electricity, telecommunications, video entry phone, lighting
  • Equipment and furniture: bathrooms and kitchen
  • Exterior and urbanisation: pavement around the perimeter of the house, façade wall, pergolas

This type of new build properties is sold completely finished and ready to move into, with all the details, finishes and electrical appliances (white goods) included. From start to the handover of the keys, the PRICE IS FIXED, avoiding unforeseen events and surprises for your peace of mind.

Standard Payment Plan: (can be modified depending on your specific requirements)

  • Land purchase
  • At the reservation contract, before final study: € 6.000
  • At the signing of the final contract when all details are agreed and price closed: 35% (minus the 6.000€ reservation)

Further, and based on certification of completed work, as work progresses:

  • “Out of Water” / Structure and roof 10%
  • “Out of Air” / Glazing + Plumbing installation, electrical installation: 20%
  • Finishings – Floors, interior and exterior carpentry, sanitary fixtures and taps, paintings and tiles: 10%
  • Exterior – facade finishings, swimming pool, terraces: 15%
  • Signing of Title Deed of ownership with first occupation licence: Balance 10%

Please note VAT is not included and must be added to the amounts related to these percentages.


With SUN SEA LIFE and our associated building company, you will not only have the house you have always wanted, with all the details and needs specifically befitting, but you will also be able to build it on the location and land you want.

We will help you finding the right location and the right plot if you don’t have it already.

At SUN SEA LIFE Realty Lifestyle Consultants, your lifestyle, choice, expectations and interests remain in the very focus of our attention.

We are specialist property finders and irrespective if it is a new build or resale, beach or golf, inland or urban property, or indeed just a plot of land so you can custom design-build your own property, we will always provide you with impartial, useful, up to date information and advice so you can financially benefit from your investment and enjoy your life.

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