As Specialist Realty Lifestyle Consultants our services significantly differ from estate agents in 3 major aspects: scope, focus, and the services offered. We cover a range of services to assist clients in various aspects of real estate transactions, investments, and property management.

The Scope goes well beyond the usual property considerations and the transaction itself.

We focus and prioritize on providing all-inclusive guidance and advice based on:

  • lifestyle objectives
  • hobbies
  • interests
  • family dynamics
  • work-life balance
  • recreational requirements
  • community preferences

Our services are much more comprehensive as we look at the wider picture and long-term goals related to real estate in order to gain a much deeper understanding of each client’s full requirements and criteria.

The key aspects are our profound knowledge of the real estate market in a variety of areas and our expertise in lifestyle factors. These comprise:

  • paying particular attention, listening and hearing what your specifically requirements are
  • our wide professional network
  • independent approach to different market regions and providers

We consider not only the property itself but also how it aligns with each client’s particular lifestyle. This may include aspects such as:

  • luxury living
  • sustainable communities
  • specific neighbourhood vibes
  • unique living experiences
  • often involves assessing community, amenities, future developments
  • how the property fits into your overall lifestyle vision – not the other way around

For our consultancy services alone, we have either a fixed project fee or a retainer, which is waved when the full transactional process is achieved within a calendar year.

After all, you would consult with a specialist lawyer or a doctor, so it just makes perfect sense to do the same when your real estate financial investment is involved!


Property Market Analysis:

  • We conduct market research to determine property values, rental rates, and market trends
  • Analyse comparable sales data to help clients make informed decisions about buying or selling property

Buyer Representation:

  • Buyer assessment and matching requirements depending on lifestyle aspirations
  • Assisting buyers throughout the entire purchasing process, from property search to closing
  • Negotiating offers on behalf of buyers to get the best possible terms and prices
  • Providing guidance on financing options and connecting buyers with mortgage lenders

Seller Representation:

  • Helping sellers prepare their properties for sale, including staging advice, property presentation and marketing strategies
  • Pricing properties competitively based on market analysis and local trends
  • Marketing properties through various channels to reach potential buyers

Real Estate Investment Consulting:

  • Advising clients on investment opportunities in residential, commercial, or long-term rental properties
  • Analysing investment properties for potential return on investment (ROI) and long-term appreciation
  • Providing guidance on property management, rental income projections, and tax implications

Property Management Services:

  • Managing rental properties on long term bases on behalf of owners, including tenant screening, lease agreements, and rent collection
  • Arranging handling of maintenance requests, repairs, and regular property inspections
  • Ensuring compliance with local rental laws and regulations

Real Estate Development Consultation:

  • Assisting developers with site selection, feasibility studies, and market analysis
  • Advising on zoning regulations, building permits, and construction timelines
  • Connecting developers with architects, contractors, and other professionals for project implementation

Foreclosure and Short Sale Assistance:

  • Guiding clients through the process of buying or selling distressed properties
  • Negotiating with banks and lenders for foreclosure avoidance or short sale approvals
  • Providing expert advice on the legal and financial aspects of distressed property transactions

Commercial Real Estate Services:

  • Assisting with the purchase, sale, or lease of commercial properties such as office buildings, retail spaces, and industrial facilities
  • Conducting market analysis for commercial real estate investments and developments
  • Negotiating commercial lease agreements and tenant representation services

Relocation Services:

  • Assisting individuals or families with relocating to a new area, including home searches, school information, and community overviews
  • Providing guidance on selling existing properties when relocating for work or personal reasons
  • Helping with temporary housing arrangements and transition logistics

Real Estate Legal and Financial Referrals:

  • Referring clients to trusted legal professionals for real estate transactions, contracts, and disputes
  • Connecting clients with financial advisors or mortgage brokers for loan pre-approval and financing options
  • Ensuring clients have access to the necessary resources and expertise to navigate complex real estate transactions

The above are a few examples of the consultation services we offer. Services provided vary and are based on client case studies and specific criteria and requirements – we are all unique!

Therefore, the crucial difference lies in the approach, accessibility and emphasis to detail.

This is how we work with you, in a special relationship, as a team to find your perfect property

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